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We will finish the sermon series “H U S H.” We’ve covered Homosexuality, Jesus and Politics, Racism and this Sunday another hot topic “Abortion.” Even with churches and even among Christians there is a divide on the topic of abortion.
This whole issue of unplanned pregnancies presents us with a number of confusing dilemmas:
First there is the confusion over a few inches.
Second, there is confusion over personal rights.
There is even confusion over where God stands.
And there is confusion over what an abortion really is.
The whole issue can be reduced to one question: Is the fetus a person made in the image of God? Or is it a thing? Is it a developing baby or a lump of tissue?
We aren’t going to Hush this, it’s far too important of an issue.
So as always, can’t wait to be with you and worship and watch God work.
Until next time
Jesus Bless you!

PS. The funeral for PJ was amazing! “I have never been to a funeral like that, amazingly powerful.” “If one didn’t know PJ they do now.” “God was really glorified, Jesus was lifted up and the family was comforted.” “That was PJ, blacks and whites, young and old people, athletes and coaches all over the place praising Jesus!”
I was so proud of our church family. You showed up at visitation and at the funeral, The kitchen/food ministry was fabulous! Thank you God for the way our church is “Getting it” for YOU!