So, What now?
We’ve finished the “H U S H” series. The last “we don’t talk about this” topic was “ABORTION.”
This whole issue of unplanned pregnancies presents us with a number of confusing dilemmas: First there is the confusion over a few inches. Second, there is confusion over personal rights. There is even confusion over where God stands. And there is confusion over what an abortion really is.
The whole issue can be reduced to one question: Is the fetus a person made in the image of God? Or is it a thing? Is it a developing baby or a lump of tissue?
After Sunday’s message I hope you have a better understanding and can answer the questions above and can articulate over a cup of coffee with someone on the subject of abortion.
So now what? What are you going to do about the 2700 babies daily that are being murdered? Will you contribute money in the Baby Bottles for the ministry at New Beginnings? Will you volunteer at New Beginnings? Will you get to know a single mom and help her in some way? Will you provide food or a ride or keep her child so she can run some errands? Will you vote for people who are against abortion? Will you pray for women who are struggling to keep the baby or not? Will you be willing to adopt? What will you do?
Or you still believe abortion isn’t murder and it’s a woman’s right to do with her body what she wants to do and you will do all you can to assure that nothing changes and it will still be the legal to have an abortion?
A third group is, “You’re not sure.” Will you check out the scientific facts about that life inside of a woman even if you don’t go along with what God says?
I will say this about the Cornerstone Church Family. We will do everything possible to minister to expectant women who find themselves in that dark and lonely world. We will pray for them, walk along side of them, get them help, whatever we can to show them that God loves you and so do we. Women who have had an abortion, we will do everything to assure them that God will forgive them and He loves you and has a purpose for you and we want you to be a part of our church family.
For single moms. we will do what we can to help them and encourage them for carrying their baby full term.
So again, what now?
Until next time
Jesus bless you!