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This Sunday”

Those of us who grew up in church sang what is called “Hymns.” (Great songs of the faith that were about God.)

I took part in the funeral of P J Throckmorton. And as I sang the songs PJ wanted sung, they began to sink deep into my soul. So I thought why don’t we spend a month singing and talking about those hymns.

So we are! The sermon series is called, “Old Church Choir!”

This Sunday, July 8th we’ll be looking at different classic hymns…The story behind who wrote them…and The theology around them. Hymns like “What a friend we have in Jesus,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “It is well with my Soul”, and this Sunday’s hymn, “Amazing Grace.”

In preparation for this, read Ephesians 1:7-8 and Hebrews 12:15-16.

What is Grace? How do you get Grace? What did Jesus say about Grace? What has grace done for other people…for you? What are the words to the song, “Amazing Grace?”

Don’t miss this week, besides forgiveness it’s my favorite subject! (Maybe they are tied together?!!?)

Love you all and pray for you!


OHHHHHH MYYYYYY! Don’t be shocked….V B S is here! The worship center, the entire church has changed!!!!!!!!!

V B S starts Monday.