Passing this along to any of you that have the needed skills and would like to give back to the community…


Through my You Can Help program we have completed numerous house repairs (roof leaks, built ramps, fixed floors).  All of these repairs have been through Paul Atichison of Central Baptist Church.  I’m looking to see if there are other churches who have members who would like to assist with low income home owners with repairs. 
The way this works is I receive a request and then do background work.  Confirm they are homeowners, check my food files to confirm income and additional research if necessary.  If everything looks good I then will contact Paul.  Paul will then visit the home owner and see if it is within his scope of his ability and give me an estimate of cost.  I give him an okay and he uses my Lowe’s card to make a purchase.  Lowe’s gives us a deep discount for the purchase of material (Paul will speak to a manager before making the purchase).  He then gets additional help to make the repairs to the home.    
We do have a large crew of people coming in to do work on homes in our community next year through a program Shannon Cox has worked on, but this is for more immediate needs.  Sometime I will receive 3 calls in one week from people looking for assistance.  Sometimes I will get 1 call in a month.  I would love to have additional points of contacts within our churches who would be willing to assist Clark County low income homeowners with minor repairs and take some of this weight off of Paul (he is a busy busy man!).
If you know of someone who you think God has given these talents to and would be willing to give back to the community, please have them contact me.  There will be no cost other than their time on their part.  CCCS’s You Can Help fund will pay for all material.
Debbie Fatkin
Executive Director
Clark County Community Services
30 Taylor Avenue
P.O. Box 574
Winchester, KY 40392