“Christmas Sunday at Cornerstone”
Free advice-4 shopping days till Christmas!

Last week we had a church quiz. You did not pass the test! The question was “What does the word Advent mean?” So I ask you to go study this week and retake the quiz this Sunday! By the way, Advent means COMING. The coming, the arrival.
We conclude our 4 week series entitled “Advent.” We have learned that we are living IN BEWTEEN. In between the first Advent, the coming of Jesus Christ and the Second Advent, when Jesus comes back. So what do we do while we are living IN BETWEEN?
I Hope one of the things we do is INVITE. Invite people to our Sunday Morning Christmas Service (10:30 am). Hope you will come early and enjoy a wonderful Christmas Breakfast Marsha and Shirley and Team have put together. Yummy!
Or invite them to the CHRISTMAS EVE 5:30 PM service. (55 minutes!) There will be childcare.
When Jesus came it shifted the way people lived completely.
Because God came down, we are given purpose for our days, direction for our lives, confidence in the unknown and His presence to guide us every step of the way. Jesus’ birth changed everything!
However our materialistic culture makes it easy to associate Christmas only with giving presents to each other. So when we talk about the gift of Jesus, it can seem cliché’ but if we really took a step back and look at how intentional God was in bringing about this gift, it changes the entire perspective on Christmas. Jesus was the greatest gift we have ever been given and it was centuries, lifetimes and generations in the making. When I think about that kind of intentionality, that kind of sacrifice, it gives me a whole new meaning on the words, “presents” and “presence.”
And just as with the First Advent of Jesus, the Second Advent is taking centuries, lifetimes and generations in the making. That gives me a whole new meaning on “What is this world coming to?” we will answer that question as we live IN BETWEEN. READ LUKE 2:1-14
Sunday is going to be exciting and life changing!
Love and praying for you
Make sure to visit with David Lane and how you can get involved in the ministry in Guatemala. He will be with us till January 14, 2019.