“Sunday and more!”
It’s here then it’s gone. For over a month “Christmas” has been all over the place-Christmas in the Music, lights, trees, ads, the sales, gifts, and dinners, but what about the reason for the season? Hope Jesus was mentioned? Was prayed to, was thanked? Was read about? Did you sing to Him and what about your gift to Him?
Well the good news is “Jesus” celebration is Never over? Every minute of the day He is with us and we are with Him. Think about these 2 things, The Holy Spirit lives in you; The Bible is the only Book whose author is “Always” present when it’s read! Now those are WOW thoughts!
As 2018 comes to an end, this Sunday we have invited retiring Family Court Judge, Former Kentucky Senator and my friend, Tim Philpot to speak. He asked that we read Zechariah 3:1-10 as he talks about “A Burning Stick.”
Also, as the year ends be praying about ways to give. Oh no, you’re talking about giving and I’ve got all this Christmas to pay for? YES!

If you call Cornerstone home, give to support it.
To David Lane and Uplifting Ministries.
Bring I phones and tablets. Or just Give money to stock the store.
Sponsor a child with food and school for $35 a month.
Give to support building on the property.
David will be with us on January 6 and 13th.
Continue to bring coats, gloves, socks and warm clothing for the homeless.
Special…we support the local Right to life ministry called New Beginnings.
But would you Consider giving to the National“Right To Life.” The national “March For Life” is on January 18th in Washington, DC. The Norsworthy family is going to be there and would like to take a contribution from the church to give to this ministry we strongly believe in. There will be boxes at both doors to just drop it in over the next 3 weeks.
I know, Give Give Give. There are a lot of good ministries to give to. You are asked all the time to give. That’s why Praying fervently about your giving is so important. I would suggest your priority be your home and your church home first, then the other great ministries as God leads you.
Hope all had a great Christmas and thanks for making Christmas Sunday and Christmas Eve special for the Criswell family and I hope for you.
Love you and praying for you!
Make sure to read the bulletin, power points, emails, website, texts and listen to announcements on Sunday mornings for special events, classes, ministries going on at Cornerstone and the Community.