Can you believe another year has come and gone? It just reminds me, the clock is ticking! I am coming to the end…And So are you!!!
What does 2019 have in store for you? What does 2019 have in store for Cornerstone. Oh, that’s you too!
God has really been working on me. While a lot of really good things are happening at Cornerstone and we will celebrate those things on January 13th, plus it’s exciting to be at a worship service on Sundays, but are we becoming the church God wants? Deep down, I don’t think so.
Here are a few words and phrases God has laid on my heart the past weeks when it comes to church: Sacred, Supernatural, Devoted, Committed, Obeying Jesus’ commandments, Family, really Love one another, Discipleship, Life groups, Devoted worshipers, In the Word with daily bible reading, Everyone exercising their gifts and Sharing possessions. Are those things happening?
So while good church things are happening at church, in my heart I know something is missing. I am on this journey to find out what God wants, not what whit wants, not what you want but what God wants. In 2019, hope you will go on this journey with me. The clock is ticking.
Praying for you
Really hope you have a Blessed New Year!
Love you,