Sunday was a great day. A lot of praise and thanksgiving to our Lord!
A lot of really good “God workings” in individuals and through the Church working in the testimonies heard.
We also had a great “Looking Back” in the booklets created. Make sure to pick one up.
Then we heard a challenging and exciting “Look Forward” to 2019 including the budget for the year.
We ordained our elders and Kevin Metzler as chairman.
Your Giving was wonderful! Regular giving was $5,515.
Over and above you gave over $1,300 to go to the ministry “Save the Storks!” A ministry of VANS with great equipment that are parked near abortion clinics. They love on the pregnant women and 4 out of 5 who go into one of those Vans keeps the baby!
Way to go CCC. (As I write this Adam and family are in the March for Life in Washington, DC)
LOVE….TEACH…GO! Hope those words are etched in each person’s heart and mind who calls Cornerstone family. That’s our mission statement–To Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples (personally growing up spiritually and building bridges to Jesus.)
We said, “We want people to getIT…liveIT…shareIT. IT? IT? “IT” is Jesus!! getJESUS…liveJESUS…shareJESUS!
Read Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 28:10-20a and Acts 2:42-47 for Sunday!

The Virtual Reality Church? The Chip Church? The Ask Alexa Church? Come Sunday and find out!!

I want to remind you: When you miss, you miss out on what God had to say to you that day and now it’s gone…Remember you aren’t in church by accident, God has something to say to you!! Plus others miss being encouraged by you.
Pray for our sick who really want to be in church but can’t.

Looking forward to worship with you on Sunday with the anticipation of God working. Hope you are too. Be praying!
A reminder of the Snow Policy.
You will receive a Text Message and Email if church is delayed or closed. Make sure you are on Cornerstone’s Text list and/or Email list.
If you like watching all the snow closings on TV tune in to Channel 27…”If there is inclement weather on a Sunday please check WKYT Channel 27 television for information on any potential Cornerstone service cancellation. On other days of the week if Clark county schools are closed due to bad weather there will be no activities at Cornerstone.”