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Hello everybody!  Hope your week has gone well and that you’ve handled the weather safely and well.  It is winter time in Ky!
But let me tell you a place that is really warm, cozy and has a family atmosphere…40 Belmont Avenue in Winchester, Ky. also known as Cornerstone Christian Church!! It was great last week.
You were challenged to KNOW the mission of the church and be able to tell people what CCC is about…LOVE…TEACH…GO!
You were challenged to Pray and Fast for the Church for 14 days. till Noon on Feb. 3.
See you Sunday, but make sure it’s SAFETY FIRST!

Sunday Morning: One of the areas we are emphasizing as we do Less Better, are Life Groups, small groups where you do life together and where learning takes place better. .
One meets on Sunday Mornings at 9AM.  I want to encourage you to make this part of your Sunday morning experience.  Kevin Metzler, chairman of our Elders, leads this group.  Great teaching and learning.

Adam and Whit lead the classes. 101 is an introduction to Cornerstone Church. What we believe, Why we do what we do, How we do what we do, how to become member, and what is expected as a member.
201 is an introduction about how to grow as a Christian. We were created to become like Jesus. This class will give you some tools for this, like Life Groups, Prayer, Bible Study and more.
We have room for 8 more.  Let us know asap.  Child care provided.

For this Sunday’s Worship Expereince Read 2 Corinthians 8:1-15.  I heard Wayne Smith say years ago, “You can give without loving but you can’t love without giving.”  God’s Grace and Generosity go hand in hand!
Plus I wrote out 5 wishes for you and 5 wishes for the Church in 2019. I will share one of them.
Hope to see you at 9AM for Class, and/or at Fellowship at 10AM (Donuts, etc) and/or at 10:30 at Worship and at Noon for Class 101/201. Wow, that’s a full morning…Yes but I guaranty you, you will not be disappointed and will be Fired Up!
Love you, Praying and Fasting for you!
Only 9 days till the Super Bowl of Preaching!  Feb. 3!