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I was 6 years old and up to age 12 one of my top 3 TV programs was “The Adventures of Superman.” (I still do!) I would get my red cape and pretend to be superman! I even wrote a paper in school on Superman!
There is something intriguing about that plot-When something ordinary is transformed into supernatural.
But yet we say in church the phrase, “Transformed into the image of Christ” and there are blank stares, looks of boredom, thoughts like, “That’s not applicable to my life, so wake me up when it’s over.”
But that’s what God wants for you…a transformation…to change you from the old human being into a new human being. It doesn’t matter your age, it doesn’t matter about your past or what you think of yourself or what others think about you, you matter to God and He can change you and give you a new heart, a heart like Jesus!
We are calling this sermon series “re:NEW.”  NEW…you become a NEW Person with a NEW HEART. Over the next several weeks we see how you and me who are or want to follow Jesus become a Disciple and then what?

SUPER BOWL OF PREACHING! OH MY! What a wonderful Sunday! Almost a Full house! Tailgating, People cheering and singing!  Several guests, questions answered and people learned. People left excited, fired up!
The game went overtime with the Old Timers, Criswell Patriots, defeating the youngsters, Adam Rams 37 to 36!  And for the second year in a row, the winner here won the Real Super Bowl!
Watch the Press Conference before the game and the Game on our website
Sunday Night we ate and watched the game. (oh those wings!) It was great! Big thanks to all who Sunday morning and Sunday evening a super bowl for God!!

Any loose change or any extra $??
Our young people are going to CIY next weekend. We want to help them reduce their cost plus help a few that can’t afford to go on this life changing event. This Sunday put the money in the jars located in both entrances or give to Adam or Chad. (Trying to raise $500 to $1000)
Bake Sale also going on before and after church to help kids go! Yummy!

Can’t wait for Sunday and as many of you have said, “I don’t have to be forced, or begged or have to go to church, I WANT TO GO TO CHURCH!”  Hey, Get others to COME AND SEE!
Love you and praying for you