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Spring Forward-Don’t forget to move your clocks forward Saturday night.  Practice Saturday by mentally focusing on the new time!
This Sunday-BIG GAME! 
Game Time-10:30 AM Sunday
It’s Life vs Death (“Life” coached by Jesus Christ, undefeated.  “Death” led by Satan and his demons.  
Location-40 Belmont Avenue, Winchester, Ky
Come early (9AM) for pregame warm-ups.  Kevin Metzler will lead drills. (Bible Study)
Pre Game Meal begins at 9:45
Game Plan-Read John 13:1-17; Ephesians 4:32
Admission-Free!  Come early for a seat of your choice!
It’s been said by many, this Game will change your life forever!
Excited to worship with you on Sunday.  Come early, good seats going fast!
Until next time
Love and Praying for you!