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Easter only 27 days away!  Bring those eggs and candy as soon as soon as you can so we can prepare to serve our community with a huge Easter Egg Hunt on April 20 at College Park.
David Lane arrives from Guatemala late Friday!  Let’s really pray and encourage him.
UpLifting Ministries Banquet April 7 in Winchester at Campbell Middle School. Register at  Come ready to get involve in the ministry.. Plus, purchase some great items with all proceeds going to the ministry.  It will be an evening to celebrate in word and music how God is working in Guatemala..David is trying to raise ($30,000 to build on the land. $!0,000 saved)

On April 14 at Northeast Christian Church in Lexington a huge night for UpLifting Ministries.  Their goal is to raise $10,000! They are fired up! (6:30 PM)

Servant Opportunities for you at CCC

  1. Communion Preparation meeting right after church in Gathering Room A. Rick Schooler
  2. Sunday Morning Tech Person.  Computer and presentation experience. Will be taught.  Contact Joel.
  3. Children’s Ministry For Sunday Morning-contact Adam or Shelby

This Sunday at CCC.  Part 6 of re:NEW
Lies are all around us. Everything from advertisements, in politics, at work and in our homes and schools and yes, even in church.
I Found some of the top lies that are told:

  1. the check is in the mail
  2. I gave at the office.
  3. Of course I love you
  4. Read my lips, no new taxes.
  5. I’ll call you later.
  6. You look beautiful.
  7. its not the money, it’s the principal of the thing.
  8. Don’t worry, he’s never bitten anyone.
  9. I’m from the Gov and I’m here to help you.
  10. I do

There are over 150 verses in the Bible about lying, slander, gossip, flattery, etc.  Why does God take a hard line on this?  These are totally not of the Character of God. They hurt people.
We are really trying to have a heart like Jesus and one way is to have AN HONEST HEART.  Look up some verses what God says about lying and gossip.
Can’t wait to worship with you. Praying for you, love you (No lie!)
See you Sunday